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Herb & Vegetable Info


Part of the squash family, zucchini has many benefits when included into a healthy diet. Zucchini helps maintain low blood sugar, reduces overeating, lowers cholesterol, and helps the body to immediately digest fat. Zucchini promotes regular bowel movement which aid in cancer prevention and have powerful antioxidants that are known to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent in the fight against asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Zucchini also contains magnesium which is known to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Garlic has been around for ages and has a role in a wide variety of dishes around the world. Garlic has immune-enhancing compounds that increase the activity of immune cells that fight against cancer and assists in breaking down cancer causing substances in the body. Garlic also has substances within that help block carcinogens from entering cells and slow tumor development. Studies have shown that chives, garlic, and onions have been associated with reducing the risk of stomach and colon cancer.

Green Tomatoe:

Take caution when consuming raw green tomatoes because they contain toxins that have been known to be poisonous. Green Tomatoes should be grilled, fried or sautéed and eaten with grilled meat to pack in extra vitamins and minerals healthy for the body. Green Tomatoes contain vitamin C which assist the immune system to fight off colds and flu. Vitamin C is also essential for good health of your teeth, gums, bones, and skin.

Chili & Jalapenos:

These peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin that has been shown to neutralize certain types of cancer causing substances such as nitrosamines which prevent stomach cancer and helps increase metabolism. Also, eat it hot and you will lose weight!!


Broccoli, Cabbage, and Cauliflower produce and contain a chemical component known as indole-3-carbinol that help prevents breast cancer. Broccoli contains a product of the protein glucoraphanin that is known to assist in preventing colon and rectal cancer. glucoraphanin induces the production of enzymes that deactivate free radicals and carcinogens in the blood stream. In a study conducted by the Department of Agriculture, it found that the bitter the broccoli, the more glucoraphanin it has. In recent years, studies have found that Broccoli Sprouts contain as much as 20 times higher levels of glucoraphanin than in mature heads of broccoli.


Rich in nutrients and vitamin C that helps to reduce absorption of cancer-causing nitrosamines from soil and processed foods. Papaya contain folic acid, which has been shown in studies to minimize and fight against cervical dysplasia, colon cancer and other types of cancers. Papaya also has an enzyme known as papain that contain tenderizing abilities to help break down meat that is consumed and is very well known to have anti-inflammatory qualities.


Some therapeutic properties of lemongrass contain and include diuretic, flatulence inhibitors, flu inhibitors and antibacterial properties are also contained in the oil inside lemongrass. Lemongrass has beta carotene, an antioxidant known to be useful in healthy cell and promote tissue growth in the body. It is primarily used in Asian stir fry and various soup dishes. Lemon grass is also used as an herbal medication to treat insomnia, keratomycosis, and used as an antiseptic and antifungal agent for wounds in South America and other parts of the world. Lemon grass when chilled can be served as an iced tea believed to relieve unsettled stomachs, pain, sleeplessness, colds and flu. In America, Lemon grass is widely used as a mosquito repellant and other forms of lotions.

Thai eggplant:

A vegetable that comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Eggplants are a good source protein, calcium and low in calories that contain no fat. Eggplants are absorbed through the muscle and relieve symptoms of diabetes, lower blood sugar, reduces parasitic infections, helps the digestive system work well, reduce cholesterol, and helps the pancreas and liver perform correctly. In many studies, eggplants have shown to help with stomach ulcers, nervous conditions, and hemorrhoids.

Sweet Basil

Part of the mint family and most common basil in the United States, sweet basil is used extensively in aroma therapy for ailments such as stress, migraine headaches, colds and even hay fever. Sweet basil contains 20% of the daily vitamin A and C intake for maintaining our health. Sweet Basil is quite effective for tension headaches, exhaustion and digestive upsets such as stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhea. This herb can be rubbed directly on the skin to help and relieave bug bites and rashes. 


Tomatoes are a high source of vitamin C and high in an antioxidant known as lycopene, which attacks roaming oxygen molecules or free radicals that have been observed to trigger cancer. Hotter the weather, the more lycopene is produced in tomatoes. In a study conducted by Scientist in Israel, lycopene has been shown to kill mouth cancer cells. In more recent studies, an increase in lycopene has already been linked to a reduced risk of breast, prostate, pancreas, and colonrectal cancer.


One of the oldest roots used in most cultures around the world especially in Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam. It is suggested that ginger can help relieve many conditions including but not limited to motion sickness, digestive complaints, arthritis, high cholesterol and dangerous blood clots. The Chinese culture have used it for centuries as a medicine to relieve menstrual cramps. Ginger leaves are also an effective remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy. HINT: Steep ginger leaves in warm water for 20-30 minutes, strain and drink with a little honey for a reenergizing and refreshing feeling.


Well known as a breathe freshener with hundreds of varieties that are used for tooth pastes, candies, chewing gums, etc. Mint is considered by many to be a remedy for indigestion and a good appetizer that promotes digestion. Mint is also used as a quick remedy for treating nausea. Rubbing mint oil across the forehead and nose will quickly relieve headaches.


Shallots, a miniature member of the allium family (onions) contain high levels of vitamin A. This essential nutrient helps keep immunity strong and protects against vision problems such as cataracts.


Scientists suspect that onions help prevent cancer not only by putting the brakes on the development of dangerous tumors but also by killing harmful bacteria that may cause the start of stomach cancer.


Cumin is very high in antioxidants that provide numerous health benefits. Cumin helps to enhance immunity and promote all around well-being. Cumin increases metabolism and improves the absorption of nutrients within your body. Cumin is considered an effective remedy for indigestion. It is also taken to relieve gas, diarrhea, and cramps.


A spice that is a member of the ginger family. Very rich in antioxidants including a compound called curcumin. In studies, curcumin has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer by at least 58%. Research suggests that it may help prevent skin cancer.


Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce is one of the best vegetable sources of beta-carotene. Studies conducted show that high levels of beta-carotene inhibited the growth of prostate-cancer cells by 50% or more.

Mushrooms such as shiitake, reishi, Agaricus blazie Murill, and Coriolus Versicolor help fight cancer and build the immune system. These types of mushrooms contain polysaccharides like Lentinan, a compound that helps the body in building immunity. Mushrooms are a good source of Beta Glucan and contain the protein lectin that attacks cancerous cells and prevents them from multiplying.

Thai Basil:

Rich in vitamin A, B6, and B12 to name a few, is an antibacterial herb that is used for treating the common cold, influenza, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, headache, upset stomach, heart disease, viral hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, mercury poising and used in mosquito repellants. Thai Basil is very aromatic in dishes and promotes longevity as well.


Also known as "alligator pear", is considered to be one of the healthiest food on the planet and have a high fiber content of 75% insoluble and 25% soluble fiber. 67% of an avocado is rich in cholesterol-lowering monosaturated fatty acids and a good source of vitamin A, B, B6, C, and E. Avocados are also a strong source of beta-carotene and is a rich source of a powerful antioxidant known as glutathione which attacks free radicals in the body by blocking intestinal absorption of various kinds of fats. Studies have suggested that avocados may be useful in treating viral hepatitis and other forms of liver damage such as diabetes mellitus. In other studies, high intake of avocadoes has shown to lower blood cholesterol levels significantly.


Known as the miracle food has been associated in curing a multitude of illnesses. and in studies have shown to be a naturally strong remedy against any allergy, strongest natural antibiotic without side effects, treats liver disease, dissolves gall bladder stones, clears body of salt, alcoholic products and heavy metals, cleans the gastrointestinal tract, lowers level of LDL cholesterol, treats ulcer, prevent and treat colon cancer, improves digestion, improves the body function, improves the human immune system, stops the growth of cancer cells, speeds up healing, reduces size of tumors, treats heart disease, boost body energy, clear blood vessels, treats lung infections, treats diarrhea, treats constipation, contains Anti-Stress properties, treats depression, treats yeast infection, cures wrinkles, treats arthritis, treats stomach cramps, and cures bad morning breath to name a few.


As we all know, carrots contain a high level of beta carotene, which not only helps our vision, prevent macular degenration, anti-aging, healthy glowing skin, and cleans the body but also helps to reduce the risk of a variety of cancers such as lung, mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, bladder, breast, and prostate. Carrots has recently been discovered to contain falcarinol and falcarindiol both of which are a natural anticancer pesticide that is produced by the carrot to protect it from fungal disease.


limes have been around for centuries and used as a medicine to treat scurvy, ulcers, gout, urinary disorders, and respiratory orders. Limes are very beneficial to the human body in improving digestion, skin care, and weight loss. In addition to vitamin-C, limes contain special compounds which have antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antibiotics and detoxifying properties that stimulates healing of oral and peptic ulcers.


Tofu contains several weak, nonsteroidal estrogens known as phytoestrogens that help prevent breast and prostate cancer by blocking suppressing cancerous changes within the body. In studies, tofu has shown to lower breast-cancer risks by inhibiting the growth of epithelial cells that tumors need to grow and spread in the circulatory system.


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